Indoor Drumline

Established in 2017, the Indoor Drumline is a high intensity percussion only program. The program placed 2nd at the NTCA Indoor Championships in 2017, 2018, 2019. While 1st place looked to be in reach in 2020, the season
was cut short by COVID. In 2021, the they took home the first place trophy.

Jacket Jam

Established in 2014, Jacket Jam is a sight to behold. Incorporating all of the percussion students across Gilbert, Henderson Junior High, and the High School,  the students come together to create a single night of truly unforgettable music. Described a “show” and not a concert, once the show starts, it moves seamlessly from one segment to the other. With each campus getting to perform their own pieces respectively; the real treat is treat
is seeing the mass ensemble. Watching student’s young and old, standing side by side is amazing. Other highly recognizable ensembles are “Sticks in Space”, the black light drumline and the 13th Grade Parent Ensemble, where students give their parents a firsthand look into what it takes to be a percussionist.